About Facebook ID Finder

A free online tool to help Facebook Page Admins, Marketers, Social Media Specialists, Software Engineers, and more!

FindFB.id is the best online tool to get your Facebook ID Number. It's fast, simple, secure, no signup required, hassle-free, we don't save any data on our servers, and it's FREE!

Facebook is the #1 used Social Media Platform, and there are many times when we want to integrate/link Facebook API to 3rd-party websites, and to do so, you are required to use your Facebook Numeric ID not your Facebook Username. So, it's mainly built for Facebook Page/Group Admins, Social Media Specialists, Marketers, Web Developers, Mobile Developers, and anyone wants to access to Facebook ID Number of a specific Profile/Page/Group.

What is a FB ID number?

The majority of Facebook Profiles/Pages/Groups have replaced their Facebook ID Number (aka. Facebook Numeric ID) to make it easier for people to reach them, for example: www.facebook.com/4 redirects to Mark Zuckerberg Profile. Basically that "4" is the Facebook ID number of Mark's Profile.

How do I find my Facebook Numeric ID?

That's the reason why we built FindFB.id, to help you get your Facebook Numeric Id without getting into geeky stuff, YouTube tutorials, .... etc. All you need to do do is copy/paste your Facebook URL here and we will get your Facebok Numeric ID!

FindFB.id will help you get your Facebook ID in a few seconds, and will save you a lot of time trying to find it yourself. If you are looking for your Facebook ID Number, try our Facebook ID Finder 👌